Merry Christmas from the Java Man



JAVA MAN Blog TourAllan:  We are very pleased to announce the winner of the Java Man blog tour: Marissa Aldana! Marissa will receive a signed copy of Java Man, a Kindle Fire HD, a pound of coffee from Crowfoot Valley Coffee, and a $50 Amazon gift card.

Jason:  Man do we love readers, coffee drinkers, gift givers, and Marissa.

Allan:  How could we not love Marissa? She is all those things. But, what if she doesn’t love reading our book, and drinking your coffee?

Jason:  I can pretty much guarantee she’s going to love that coffee.

Allan:  Agree. Everything is wonderful or at least better when I’m drinking your coffee. Say we have a way-overdue home improvement project, and my wife refuses to shell out any more dough for a handyman. And say she’s busy. I’ll brew a pot of Crowfoot, fill a to-go cup, and dig in. Next thing you know, the lawn is cut. If Marissa reads Java Man while enjoying your coffee, we’re gold.

Jason:  I only hope our prize package reaches Marissa before Christmas. There is something magical about curling up Christmas morning with a cup of joe and a good book.

Allan:  Our package faces a lot of competition from all the holiday gifts. Our package needs to be stronger than the other packages. Faster. Evolutionarily designed for success.

Jason:  I think I know the analogy you’re working on. Probably shouldn’t.

Allan:  I’m talking competition, Jason! It makes the world go round! It’s the only reason we’re here today!

Jason:  No, I know.

Allan:  If Christmas morning finds Marissa holding our little bundle of joy, it means our package was stronger and faster than the millions of other packages! Won’t that make you proud?!?

Jason:  There it was. Alright, and what does it say about us if our package does not reach Marissa by Christmas?

Allan:  We blame that on the postal service.

Jason:  Hopefully it’s not too late to say congratulations as well to our five 2nd-place winners: Veronica V., Teo A., Claira Pam V., Lisa B. and Ruth A. Each of them has received a Java Man e-book by email.

Allan:  That’s the high-tech, high-speed way to get our package to you.

Jason:  Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway, and for giving us a great first year as Harris Gray. That’s the best Christmas present we could ask for.

Allan:  What a warm feeling. Honestly I wish the whole world was holding our package in their hands, right now.

Jason:  That’s not quite like wishing for world peace…but it’s not a bad New Year’s resolution.

Clean Shaven – The Vampire Vic Audiobook


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Vampire Vic, audiobookFor half of Harris Gray, on the cusp of becoming the Colorado Johnny Depp, there was no rush. For the other half, the new Vampire Vic audiobook couldn’t come soon enough. The beard vigil is over; VV is now available for your listening pleasure.

You’re going to like our narrator, Paul Neal Rohrer. Paul is a thirty-year veteran of film, TV and stage, internet radio host, acting coach, and the voice on twelve other audiobooks. Feels right  that VV was Paul’s 13th. And with Friday the 13th and then Christmas fast approaching, there’s no better time to let a vampire whisper in your ear, or to put that vampire in the ear of someone you love.Vampire Vic, Audiobook, Vampire, Humor

We’re thankful for Paul and his audio tech team (a one-woman team named Cyndi), and for the folks behind the scenes at Audible who put the finishing touches on VV. Half of Harris Gray is also glad to be clean shaven for the holidays, free to eat with reckless abandon and not worry about getting cranberry sauce and bits of the Christmas goose in his beard. The other half has decided to maintain his beard, a vigil without a cause; he just couldn’t bring himself to write Santa (Amazon) and cancel his order for that pirate costume.

The Vampire Vic audiobook is available for multiple audio formats at Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

VAMPIRE VIC audiobook by Harris Gray on AmazonVAMPIRE VIC audiobook by Harris Gray on AudibleiTunes graphic2

An Extra Shot from the Java Man


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“Hey I have an extra shot here, would you like it?”

How we dream of hearing that line from our baristas as they craft our mochas, lattés and Americanos. An extra shot, to take our drink to a higher level – just knowing that jolt of flavor and energy is on its way lights up your mind. Sadly, some coffeeshops will toss that extra shot, right in front of you, unwilling to slip it to you for free.

Not here. We love slipping you what we got. JAVA MAN is the tale of Brian Lawson, but it’s not the whole story. There was an episode, back when Brian was a California teen…legend has it Helen of Troy’s face launched a thousand ships, but did you know it was a girl named Marnie who punched Brian’s ticket to North Dakota? This is a short story of first love, young Brian Lawson head over heels and going way too far to get the girl.

An extra shot complements a great drink. For readers of JAVA MAN, this origin tale explains a lot. An extra shot can get you hooked. If you haven’t read JAVA MAN yet, we hope this Extra Shot leaves you craving more. Click here to take your shot.

An Extra Shot From the Java Man by Harris Gray

JAVA MAN by Harris Gray on Amazon JAVA MAN by Harris Gray on Nook JAVA MAN by Harris Gray on Nook Add JAVA MAN by Harris Gray to Goodreads TBR


One grand prize winner will receive a KindleFire HD with $50 Amazon Gift Card, a signed copy of JAVA MAN, and 1 pound of Crowfoot Coffee. Five second prize winners will receive an ebook copy of JAVA MAN. Contest is open INTERNATIONALLY!

[Click here to enter via Rafflecopter]

We Are Not Teasing


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An Extra Shot From the Java Man by Harris GrayOkay this is a tease. Wait, men don’t tease. So this is a promise. We are releasing a short story Monday, An Extra Shot From The Java Man. Which is a teaser for our new novel, JAVA MAN. Or would be, if we weren’t all man. A peek inside the mind of Brian Lawson, that’s what the Extra Shot is. And this is a sneak peek at that peek, something to whet your appetite, for the appetizer, which should make you hungry for the main course. Which is of course JAVA MAN.

What we’re really here to say is, thank you. When we go around the table at Thanksgiving, everyone sharing what they’re thankful for, we might get a little choked up thanking all the people who have supported us, our readers, our friends, and our families. The Extra Shot is our Thanksgiving offering, free on our website Monday morning. It’s the dish we’re bringing to the feast. An extra shot of espresso in everyone’s after-dinner coffee. Or Bailey’s, whichever you prefer.

We hope you check out our website Monday morning, and enjoy our Extra Shot. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Get on the Couch with JAVA MAN


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Java Man by Harris GrayWe are very excited to announce the release of our new novel (and a new video, below). Java Man is about independent coffeeshop owner Brian Lawson battling the competition, and then cancer. Brian is assisted, and impeded, by friends, customers and employees—and two passionate, unique women with their own plans for the java man. As the story (and his cancer) escalate, Brian alternates between dark, humorous fatalism and a desperate search for a savior.

As much as we created this story, Java Man created Harris Gray. In the beginning, Allan frequented Jason’s coffeeshop, writing a fictional account of a controversial cancer cure, and eavesdropping on Jason’s storytelling. The writer and the storyteller, probably inevitable that we would put together a collection of Jason’s tall but true tales, each with a recipe (makes sense if you know Jason). A one-time collaboration, while Allan continued to write.

Through circumstances we’re still working out with our therapist, Jason got his hands on Allan’s unfinished manuscript. Back and forth we went, writing and editing and rewriting, in two very different styles. The story evolved—from the accounting of a cure to the tale of a man working desperately to build and save his life. Likewise for our partnership; we like to think Harris Gray was the final stage in this evolution.

Of course, there is no perfect, evolved being. Every relationship needs a little time on the couch. We invite you to violate therapist-patient confidentiality and watch the following video from our latest session. And then grab your favorite cup of joe, head for your own couch, and curl up for a few hours with Java Man.

JAVA MAN by Harris Gray on Amazon JAVA MAN by Harris Gray on Nook JAVA MAN by Harris Gray on Nook Add JAVA MAN by Harris Gray to Goodreads TBR

Harris Gray is on tour, the blog tour, ten bloggers in twelve days. Each stop features something a little different, from guest posts and interviews to reviews of Java Man. Join us, and enter to win our giveaway while you’re at it, on the tour and on Goodreads.


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