Electronically buried treasure discovered in a dark scary musty electronic cave. See the Harris Gray origin emails.

E-mails – 1 – First Meeting 2003

Before Harris & Gray lost the ampersand…a second series of e-mails discovered in the e-cave. Enter here:

Emails – 2 – Working on Java Man

Come, virtual spelunkers, enter the Harris Gray e-cave, and hope the spidrz don’t eat your trail of bread crumbs.

Emails – 3 – Comments and Feedback

The final, private correspondence of Harris Gray, capturing the thrilling moment of getting published.

Emails – 4 – Getting Published

Read an excerpt from the first chapter of Vampire Vic. 

Vampire Vic Excerpt


2 thoughts on “e-cave”

  1. As far as I can tell, this is an actual, if not completely factual, history of how this all got started. I know I’ve recommended the laxative thing for more than just Allan over the years whenever someone threatens to horn in on mine and Jason’s best-friends-forever relationship.

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