The Imperfect Compromise

Trump, Hillary, politics, Election 2016The Imperfect Compromise by Harris Gray
Published October 1, 2016!

Can you imagine Donald Trump as president? Can you stand the thought of President Hillary Clinton? How would you feel if they were both president? Welcome to The Imperfect Compromise.

Election day 2016 ends very badly. Electoral and popular votes differ wildly, fraud is rampant, riots ensue. The system is broken; but the fix will take a year. In the meantime the 2 candidates must share the presidency, 6 months each. Trump goes first….

Russian invasion, terrorist attacks on the homeland, economic recession. Just for starters. Like it or not, Hillary or Trump will be our next president. How would they handle foreign and domestic crises? What course would they chart for our future? Don’t cast that vote until you read Harris Gray’s voter guide, The Imperfect Compromise.

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