Can you imagine Donald Trump as president? Can you stand the thought of President Hillary Clinton? How would you feel if they were both president? Welcome to the Imperfect Compromise.

Election day 2016 ends very badly. Hillary crushes Trump in the electoral vote. But the popular vote is a dead heat. Riots ensue as reports of fraud pour in—hacking, postal irregularities, entire states unable to post results. The last straw: NFL teams refuse to play, in the name of political justice for all.

Our nation comes unglued. The system is broken and must be fixed now!

A select presidential election commission needs a year. In the meantime the 2 candidates will share the presidency. Six months for each. The nation (and the NFL) are temporarily mollified. Inauguration Day 2017 arrives, and Trump goes first….

Russian invasion, Middle East conflagration, terrorist attacks on the homeland. Economic recession, border intervention, and what do we do about healthcare? One of these deeply flawed candidates will be our next president. How would Hillary and Trump handle foreign and domestic crises? What path would they pave for our future?

Don’t cast that vote until you read our voter’s guide, The Imperfect Compromise.

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