Press Kit and Media

Thank you for visiting our press/media page. You’re welcome to download and use anything from this page for media purposes. To read more about Vampire Vic, Book One in our VV trilogy, see the Vampire Vic page. Our second novel, Java Man released November 5, 2013. Check out the Java Man page for more details.

  • Press Kit (download)
  • Picture of authors (download)
  • Java Man Cover Image (Hi-Res, download)
  • An Extra Shot From the Java Man Cover Image (coming soon!)
  • Vampire Vic Cover Image (Hi-Res, download)
  • Vampire Vic, first chapter excerpt (download)

Harris Gray in the media (click title to view/listen):

BlogTalkRadio: Chat on Gelati’s Scoop (12/16/13)

The Best and Worst Parts of Writing as a Duo (11/15/2013)

Interview at Mythical Books (11/12/2013)

Out of our Minds, Into our Heads (bottom of post, 11/11/2013)

Eat Sleep Write: Java Man – Chapters 1-4 (11/9-13/2013)

Java Man, The Cure (11/8/2013)

Java Man, 100% True Fiction (11/7/2013)

Discovering Java Man (11/6/2013)

Interview at The Enlightener aka Books Nerd (11/5/2013)

Interview at From the TBR Pile (7/27/2013)

Interview with Novel Noise at BrooWaha (7/3/2013)

Interview at The Writer’s Life (7/2/2013)

BlogTalkRadio: Chat/Interview (6/18/2013)

Interview at Review From Here (6/14/2013)

Interview at Literal Exposure (6/10/2013)

Up Close and Personal at Between the Covers (5/27/2013)

“5 Things You Should Know About Being a Man Writing With Another Man” at Literarily Speaking (5/23/2013)

Interview at Pump Up Your Book (5/15/2013)

Interview at Digital Journal (5/13/2013)


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