JAVA MAN Blog TourAllan:  We are very pleased to announce the winner of the Java Man blog tour: Marissa Aldana! Marissa will receive a signed copy of Java Man, a Kindle Fire HD, a pound of coffee from Crowfoot Valley Coffee, and a $50 Amazon gift card.

Jason:  Man do we love readers, coffee drinkers, gift givers, and Marissa.

Allan:  How could we not love Marissa? She is all those things. But, what if she doesn’t love reading our book, and drinking your coffee?

Jason:  I can pretty much guarantee she’s going to love that coffee.

Allan:  Agree. Everything is wonderful or at least better when I’m drinking your coffee. Say we have a way-overdue home improvement project, and my wife refuses to shell out any more dough for a handyman. And say she’s busy. I’ll brew a pot of Crowfoot, fill a to-go cup, and dig in. Next thing you know, the lawn is cut. If Marissa reads Java Man while enjoying your coffee, we’re gold.

Jason:  I only hope our prize package reaches Marissa before Christmas. There is something magical about curling up Christmas morning with a cup of joe and a good book.

Allan:  Our package faces a lot of competition from all the holiday gifts. Our package needs to be stronger than the other packages. Faster. Evolutionarily designed for success.

Jason:  I think I know the analogy you’re working on. Probably shouldn’t.

Allan:  I’m talking competition, Jason! It makes the world go round! It’s the only reason we’re here today!

Jason:  No, I know.

Allan:  If Christmas morning finds Marissa holding our little bundle of joy, it means our package was stronger and faster than the millions of other packages! Won’t that make you proud?!?

Jason:  There it was. Alright, and what does it say about us if our package does not reach Marissa by Christmas?

Allan:  We blame that on the postal service.

Jason:  Hopefully it’s not too late to say congratulations as well to our five 2nd-place winners: Veronica V., Teo A., Claira Pam V., Lisa B. and Ruth A. Each of them has received a Java Man e-book by email.

Allan:  That’s the high-tech, high-speed way to get our package to you.

Jason:  Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway, and for giving us a great first year as Harris Gray. That’s the best Christmas present we could ask for.

Allan:  What a warm feeling. Honestly I wish the whole world was holding our package in their hands, right now.

Jason:  That’s not quite like wishing for world peace…but it’s not a bad New Year’s resolution.