Harris GrayWho is Harris Gray? Or is it more appropriate to ask who are Harris Gray, singular or plural? A two-bee hive mind? Something less than Sybil and more than Siamese twins. Call it two halves of the same brain…but only if left and right brain had gone their separate ways for a few years before hooking back up to the corpus callosum. What’s relevant here is that you’re dealing with a mind containing double the life experiences, double the power, 2X, which is not worth the money when buying a telescope but a definite two-fer when it comes to brains, a BOGO. Okay that’s slightly overselling it, the overlapping experiences require an adjustment, say 15%. A 1.85-fer then. Which doesn’t even account for the strength-in-numbers concept. So at this point all we can really say is, Harris Gray gives you (nearly) double the normal reading experience. And then some.