Just like the Coors brewing operation, Harris Gray cranks out product deep in the heart of the Rockies. Actually Harris Gray and Coors are nowhere near the heart of the Rockies, unless the Rockies can live with its heart torn out and slapped on the concrete slab that is metropolitan Denver. (It cannot.) By all rights Coors and Harris Gray should only claim to be “inspired by the deep heart of the Rockies”, or perhaps “based on the spirit of the nearby heart of the Rockies.” The water for Coors’ beer travels under the mountains through a pipe (and then through a water treatment plant, hopefully). Harris Gray drives three hours in traffic to spend the weekend in a family cabin close to the Rocky Mountain National Park, where they sometimes get ideas.

There the similarities end. Coors uses that water to produce the same beer every time. Harris Gray takes those ideas and crafts different stories. So why even compare Harris Gray and Coors beer? Harris Gray much more resembles the many Colorado craft brewers, brewing something different all the time. But, those craft breweries are not deep in the heart of the Rockies.