Team VVThe Vampire Vic party room has closed, but the party isn’t over. For one thing we will be contacting the winners of the book launch giveaway, very soon. For another, the original song Drinkin’ Blood Ain’t Easy by the DJs Farallon and Emn8 is still playing in our heads, and so we want that tune in your noggin too, as you picture Vic looking like Johnny Cash on top of the world and behind the wheel of his ’59 Eldorado, top down and cruising the Pacific Coast Highway. That’s what this tune is all about, Victor Thetherson feeling his oats as the vampirism transforms him. Vic lives in Houston, so you’ll have to pretend the smoke belching from the refineries is fog cloaking the California cliffs, which should be easy if you are actually able to pretend Victor in black cords and maroon windbreaker bobbing his head to Bananarama behind the wheel of his Subaru wagon is Johnny Cash.

Check out the Harris Gray video too, just not while the music is playing – the two go together nicely, but not directly.