Vampire Vic by Harris GrayFree VV, Free VV! That’s the cry on the street, the virtual street, the two-lane info highway connecting the cortex of Harris Gray. We know Tibet and Mumia have dibs, but we just can’t wait any longer. In Vampire Vic, “free VV” would refer to releasing Vic’s inner vampire. But right now we’re talking money, Vampire Vic free for Kindle, today (April 30) through Thursday (May 2). And then $0.99 through Sunday May 12. Woe to you who have already paid bigger, better money for VV, your timing was terrible, but we love you for it.

Review VV, Review VV! That is Harris Gray you hear, crying for reviews of Vampire Vic on Amazon. It would mean the world to Harris Gray. We couldn’t love you any more than we already do, just more intensely.

Vampire Vic on Amazon