Getting published is the dream of every writer—and particularly writing duos, with double the mouths to feed and egos to stroke. You know you’ve arrived when you see your words in print, on the Barnes & Noble shelf, under the banner of one of the major publishing houses like HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster or Random House. There can be no better feeling.

Of course it’s one thing to hear a writer describe that moment, that sensation; but quite another to be there as it occurs. With the e-cave coughing up another cobwebbed e-treasure, we are swept up in the excitement as Harris Gray land their publisher, as thrilling as the cheetah bringing down a wildebeest when captured in high-def by a skilled nature videographer, with insightful narration voice-over. So step into the e-cave, give your eyes a moment to adjust to the light, and celebrate a remarkable achievement with Harris Gray. 

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