Vampire Vic, Blog tourSo this is what the rock’n’roll lifestyle feels like. Harris Gray has been partying non-stop, at home, since May 6th. We’ve got it up, and we’re going to keep it up (full credit for that rockin’ line to fellow hardcore tourers, Loverboy), at least until July 26. You want to party (at your home) with us (while we stay at our home)? Let’s do this thing.

It’s called a blog tour, which is just rock’n’roll by a different name. Our tour organizer and virtual bus driver, Tracee Gleichner at Pump Up Your Book, has booked gigs for us with various book bloggers and online mags. You’ll see us interviewed, excerpted, spotlighted, featured and revealed – basically everything short of exposed.

You know what’s extra-ultra-super-sweet about a blog tour? You can finally be that rock’n’roll groupie, in the comfort and safety of your home. Just point, swig and click. Perhaps you own a power phone or e-pad? Then you can even leave the house, touring with us while waiting in queue to pick up the kids from school or dipping your biscotti at the local coffeeshop. Hair metal, grunge or pop rockers, think of us as you like, just jump on our e-bandwagon and join the tour.

Or, maybe you’re the type who doesn’t care to rock, but would like to win a Kindle. Then this is also the tour for you.

Vampire Vic Tour Schedule