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Java Man by Harris GrayWe are very excited to announce the release of our new novel (and a new video, below). Java Man is about independent coffeeshop owner Brian Lawson battling the competition, and then cancer. Brian is assisted, and impeded, by friends, customers and employees—and two passionate, unique women with their own plans for the java man. As the story (and his cancer) escalate, Brian alternates between dark, humorous fatalism and a desperate search for a savior.

As much as we created this story, Java Man created Harris Gray. In the beginning, Allan frequented Jason’s coffeeshop, writing a fictional account of a controversial cancer cure, and eavesdropping on Jason’s storytelling. The writer and the storyteller, probably inevitable that we would put together a collection of Jason’s tall but true tales, each with a recipe (makes sense if you know Jason). A one-time collaboration, while Allan continued to write.

Through circumstances we’re still working out with our therapist, Jason got his hands on Allan’s unfinished manuscript. Back and forth we went, writing and editing and rewriting, in two very different styles. The story evolved—from the accounting of a cure to the tale of a man working desperately to build and save his life. Likewise for our partnership; we like to think Harris Gray was the final stage in this evolution.

Of course, there is no perfect, evolved being. Every relationship needs a little time on the couch. We invite you to violate therapist-patient confidentiality and watch the following video from our latest session. And then grab your favorite cup of joe, head for your own couch, and curl up for a few hours with Java Man.

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Harris Gray is on tour, the blog tour, ten bloggers in twelve days. https://harrisgray.com/2013/11/04/java-man-takes-harris-gray-on-tour/ Each stop features something a little different, from guest posts and interviews to reviews of Java Man. Join us, and enter to win our giveaway while you’re at it, on the tour and on Goodreads. https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/69009-java-man