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An Extra Shot From the Java Man by Harris GrayOkay this is a tease. Wait, men don’t tease. So this is a promise. We are releasing a short story Monday, An Extra Shot From The Java Man. Which is a teaser for our new novel, JAVA MAN. Or would be, if we weren’t all man. A peek inside the mind of Brian Lawson, that’s what the Extra Shot is. And this is a sneak peek at that peek, something to whet your appetite, for the appetizer, which should make you hungry for the main course. Which is of course JAVA MAN.

What we’re really here to say is, thank you. When we go around the table at Thanksgiving, everyone sharing what they’re thankful for, we might get a little choked up thanking all the people who have supported us, our readers, our friends, and our families. The Extra Shot is our Thanksgiving offering, free on our website Monday morning. It’s the dish we’re bringing to the feast. An extra shot of espresso in everyone’s after-dinner coffee. Or Bailey’s, whichever you prefer.

We hope you check out our website Monday morning, and enjoy our Extra Shot. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.