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“Hey I have an extra shot here, would you like it?”

How we dream of hearing that line from our baristas as they craft our mochas, lattés and Americanos. An extra shot, to take our drink to a higher level – just knowing that jolt of flavor and energy is on its way lights up your mind. Sadly, some coffeeshops will toss that extra shot, right in front of you, unwilling to slip it to you for free.

Not here. We love slipping you what we got. JAVA MAN is the tale of Brian Lawson, but it’s not the whole story. There was an episode, back when Brian was a California teen…legend has it Helen of Troy’s face launched a thousand ships, but did you know it was a girl named Marnie who punched Brian’s ticket to North Dakota? This is a short story of first love, young Brian Lawson head over heels and going way too far to get the girl.

An extra shot complements a great drink. For readers of JAVA MAN, this origin tale explains a lot. An extra shot can get you hooked. If you haven’t read JAVA MAN yet, we hope this Extra Shot leaves you craving more. Click here to take your shot.

An Extra Shot From the Java Man by Harris Gray

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