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The brand-new Vampire Vic trailer is hitting the screen! The small screen, your laptop or smart phone – you will not see this sweet little teaser at your local cineplex, so you need to click on the video below. I know we promised Matthew McConaughey for the trailer role of Victor Thetherson; if he could have kept his shirt on for just 5 minutes….

So we went with a different guy, someone who gets Vic. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for this guy, Pete (pretty sure that’s his name), this could be his big break. Watch Pete[?] starring as Vic, trying in vain to command respect from his accounting staff, with their mocking, slacking disregard mirrored in Pete-as-Vic’s face. Drink in Pete’s range, seeing in his posture Vic’s reluctance to go home to face his ex-wife – so expressive is Pete’s acting turn, there might as well be a thought-bubble over his head, “I really do not want to go home to face my ex-wife.”

And then thrill to see Vic (by now you’ve even forgotten there is an actor possibly named Pete portraying him), finally sinking his fangs into soft, yielding flesh. You’ll want to hold onto that excitement and happiness for Vic as long as you can…because thanks to a certain thespian we’re calling Pete, it quickly becomes all too obvious that Vic’s newfound bloodlust will pitch him headlong into a maelstrom of inhuman suffering that will make his previous problems pale in comparison. (We agree Pete’s acting is a little melodramatic. But it beats having you staring at McConaughey’s chest the whole time.)

So for Pete’s sake, click play below, and enjoy our Vampire Vic trailer.